Ballistic Window Frames for Handgun Resistant Glass

Ray-Bar supplies UL752 Level 3 handgun bullet resistant telescopic window frames for ballistic safety applications. View the diagram below for full specifications on these patent-pending ballistic glass products.

Our handgun resistant glass frames are built with a two-piece, 2” wide, 16-gauge steel telescoping frame. Factory set stops, miter corners. Ballistic material is layered inside the frame, typically on the threat side. Adjustable from 4-1/4” minimum to 8” maximum, and work with ballistic glass up from 1” to 2” thick; larger sizes available upon request.

Handgun Resistant Glass Frame Options

  • Extra thick wall profiles
  • Vertical mullion(s)
  • Thicker glass  profile
  • UL752 Level 8/NIJ3

Ballistic Window Frame Material Options

  • 16-gauge steel (standard)
  • 16-gauge 304 stainless steel, #4 brushed finish
  • 063” 5052-H32 brushed aluminum; clear anodized finish

Specification Notes

Handgun resistant frame should provide the same bullet resistant value as the surrounding wall or partition. Customer/installer must verify ballistic protection level requirement prior to ordering.

Download the PDF here

Telescopic Window Frame (handgun)

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In addition to our bullet resistant telescopic glass window frames, we also provide a full line of ballistic glass products and bullet resistant glass for safety and security installations. Request a quote on handgun resistant glass frames, or contact Ray-Bar to learn more.


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