Insulated Glass Units

Ray-Bar specialty insulated glass units (IGU) are available in a wide variety of sizes, glass compositions, and thicknesses to achieve a range of requirements such as radiation shielding, fire rating, thermal insulation, ballistic resistance, and more.

A few of the types of glass compositions offered are:

Low-E IGUs

  • Low emissivity glass reflects solar energy reducing cooling and heating costs
  • Low-E glass will greatly reduce sun bleaching of furniture, fabrics, and flooring
  • This can be paired with many other types of glass for insulated glass units

X-Ray Lead Glass can be paired with many types of glass such as

  • FireLite - For Applications requiring radiation shielding and up to a 90-minute fire rating
  • Solarban - For an exterior window in a radiation imaging room
  • Other customer-specified glass - For your specific requirements or using customer supplied glass

Ballistic glass + Any other customer-specified glass

  • Provides bullet resistance and can be paired with a wide variety of glass types such as X-Ray lead glass, Solarban, Mini Blinds between glass, Switchable Privacy Glass

Solarban + Fire-rated glass

  • For a fire-rated exterior window

 Tempered glass

  • For insulation or to be paired with another type of glass

X-Ray Lead Glass IGUs

X-Ray Glass IGUs

Fire Rated X-RAY Glass IGU

  • Can be used to provide insulation value, sound reduction, fire resistance, bullet resistance, and many other options
  • Many X-Ray protective shielding levels available
  • Many options available for opposing side glass composition
  • Available with Impact Resistant glazing
  • Available with lead lined frames for wall and door applications
  • Also available with Internal Mini Blinds for patient privacy and cleanliness.

X-Ray Lead Glass IGUs are dual-glazed with x-ray lead glass and the opposing glass of the customers choice. These are ideal for unique specialty applications or meeting multiple requirements such as fire ratings (including hose stream tests), positive pressure, insulation values, energy efficiency, security, bullet resistance, exterior application, or high radiation conditions.

This product is also available as X-Ray Safety Glass which meets ANSI Z.97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Cat 2 requirements for impact resistance.

Click here for a PDF of Fire Rated IGUs

Contact us for additional information about Internal X-Ray Lead Glass IGUs.

FireLite IGUs

Firelite IGUs and are available with the following opposing glass options

  • Tinted
  • Art Glass
  • One-Way Mirror
  • Low-E
  • X-Ray Lead Glass

FireLite is available is multiple fire ratings up to 3 hours in doors (limited to 100 sq. in.) or 90 minutes in walls (up to 2,627 sq. in.) or up to 90 minutes in non-temp rise doors (up to 2,034 sq. in). These are also available in 60, 45, and 20 minute ratings with higher size capabilities. These units pass hose stream and positive pressure tests and are UL listed.

These IGUs are typically 1" and increase depending on the opposing glass composition. These are available in impact resistant safety glass meeting ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16CFR1201 Cat I and II.

Fire Rated X-Ray Lead Glass IGUs

Fire rated x-ray lead glass insulated glass units are available with fire ratings up to 180 minutes in doors (with size limits) and 90 minutes in walls, able to meet any lead equivalency that your project requires. The minimum thickness is 1" and will increase depending on lead shielding value requirements. These units are available in approximately 3 weeks. We also offer lead lined fire rated frames to accept the units for wall or door applications.

You can request a quote by emailing us at or by calling us at (800) 444-9729

Ballistic + Fire Rated IGUs

We now offer several products for applications that require bullet resistance and a fire rating. Pyrostop is a good option up to 2 hour fire rating and UL 752 Level 3 bullet resistance.

Alternatively, we have other options for higher bullet resistance and fire ratings.

For more info on bullet resistant levels, product data, or to request a quote please email or by call us at (800) 444-9729


Pyrostop is a versatile and durable glazing product that can achieve high fire ratings, safety rating, and UL 752 level 3 bullet resistance. It is a multi laminated product using low-iron, colorless, high light transmission glass. Pyrostop is available in many different thicknesses and fire ratings up to 2 hour with hose stream test. It protects against fire, smoke, radiant and conductive heat transfer and is UL listed, classified, and permanently labeled. There are options for interior, exterior, door, or wall applications. Being a laminated product, it is naturally safety rated and meets Ansi Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Cat II requirements for impact resistance.

For more info you can request a quote for Pyrostop by emailing, or by calling us at (800) 444-9729.


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