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Ray-Bar’s reputation of prompt national and global deliveries is attributed to it having possibly the largest inventory of shielding materials in the U.S.

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Retrofit Shielding Products

For retro-fit wall solutions: Wall Accessories

For retro-fit glass solutions: Glass Accessories

For lead vinyl: Lead Vinyl, Flexible Shielding

Lead Foil Tape

Lead Foil Tape

Lead Electrical Boxes

Lead Backed Electrical Boxes

Hinged Electrical Covers

Lead Lined Hinged Electrical Covers

Lead Cover Plates

Lead Lined Cover Plates

Lead Corner Guards

Lead Lined Corner Guards

Screw Cap Covers

Screw Cap Covers

Lead Vinyl Sheets

Lead Vinyl Sheets

Shielded HVAC Diffusers

Lead Lined Kit

Lead Lined Glass Stops