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Bullet Resistant Glass meeting UL 752

Ballistic laminated glass is a material that is constructed from a combination of standard or low iron glass and polycarbonate or PVB interlayer materials. It is constructed through a high temperature and negative vacuum environment bonding process called lamination that layers polycarbonate or PVB interlayers material between two pieces of glass. This process in various layers and thicknesses can create an impact-resistant glass that can withstand the force of certain bullets from a handgun or rifle, depending on the thickness of the glass and materials utilized. 

Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate
Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate
Bullet Resistant Glass
Bullet Resistant Glass
2 Hour Fire Rated Bullet Resistant Glass
2 Hour Fire Rated
Bullet Resistant Glass
Bullet Resistant Glass
Low Iron vs. Annealed Glass Comparison
Bullet Resistant Glass

When a bullet is fired into the bullet resistant laminated glass, the bullet will strike and pierce the outside layer of the “threat side” face layer of glass. This will reduce velocity and break down and flatten or expand the bullets structure, absorbing the kinetic energy shock through the multiple laminated layers. Therefore, the bullet will not fully penetrate as “spall” through the opposite “safe” asset side consisting of clear polycarbonate material. This is due to polycarbonate material’s ability to absorb the final energy of the bullet as it enters the last layer of clear ballistic resistant material.

Contact us for more information regarding our bullet resistant laminated glazing options. We also manufacture special bullet resistant radiation shielding glass for applications that require multiple performances of protection to address unique threats. If you have any questions call us at 800-444-XRAY (9729), our knowledgeable staff has the expertise to quickly and efficiently respond to your requests.

Ballistic Laminated Glass or Clear Ballistic Polycarbonate Levels of Protection

The different levels of impact resistant glass are determined by the glasses’ overall thickness; the thicker the glass, the higher the level of protection. Bullet resistant laminated glass is available for a wide range of applications, with a general increase in protection level for higher risk facilities, institutions or government sectors. The table below illustrates a basic breakdown of the ways in which the different levels of bullet resistant laminated glass are generally utilized.





U.L. Rating

Weight (Lbs.)


UL 752 Level 3

Capable of withstanding gunfire from handguns and is typically used where there is a greater threat to life.

Government facilities, schools, financial institutions, banks, high-risk retail stores

Level 3

Polycarb: 8 Lbs.


LamiGlass: 13 Lbs.

Polycarb: 1.25”


LamiGlass: 1.125”

UL 752 Level 8

Designed to withstand gunfire from assault rifles and automatic weapons. This type of ballistic glass is generally custom manufactured.

Government buildings, courthouses, Embassies, Military bases, police departments

UL Rating Level 8

L4- 11.68

LamiGlass: 26 Lbs.

L4- 1.075”

LamiGlass: 2 3/8”


Bullet Resistant Laminated Glass Options

Depending on your specific needs, Ray-Bar can manufacture provide you with an impact resistant glass product that can provide bullet resistance and numerous other advantages. Some of the specific types of ballistic laminated glass and modular window frame assemblies that Ray-Bar offers, include:

  • Rifle Ballistic Resistant Telescopic Window – This type of ballistic handgun resistant glass and window assembly consists of a two-piece, 2” wide, 16-gauge steel telescoping frame with factory set stops, mitered corners and internal ballistic resistant materials. It is rated at UL752 Level 8.
  • Handgun Ballistic Resistant Telescopic Window – Our telescopic handgun resistant glass and window assembly consists of a 2-piece, 2” wide, 16-gauge steel telescoping frame with factory set stops, mitered corners, and internal ballistic resistant materials. It is rated at UL752 Level 3.
  • UL752 Level 3 Bullet Resistant GlassLevel 3 impact resistant glass is designed to resist handgun threats up to 3 shots of a .44 magnum round at 1,350 FPS velocity, with no spall.
  • UL752 Level 8 Bullet Resistant Glass – A ballistic laminated glass that provides protection against numerous types of high powered rifles and handguns, with the ability to resist rifle threats up to 5 shots of a 7.62x51 or .308 Winchester round at 2,750 FPS velocity, with no spall.

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