Lead Lined Wood Doors

  • 10 standard lead thicknesses
  • Wide selection of natural wood veneers available
  • Wide selection of laminate colors and styles to choose from
  • Available with x-ray safety glass vision frames
  • Typically available within 4 to 5 weeks

Lead Lined Solid Core Wood Doors are manufactured to national woodwork standards, constructed with the highest quality core, edging and face veneers available. Standard "in-stock" veneers are: Rotary Cut Natural Birch, Plain Sliced Red Oak, Hardboard, Rotary Cut Mahogany, Legacy Walnut, Legacy Oak, and Mendocino Oak.

Wood Door
Wood Door
Birch Veneer Birch
Red Oak Veneer Red Oak
White Oak Veneer White Oak
Maple Veneer Maple
Mohagany Veneer Mohagany
Oak Rift Cut Oak Veneer Rift Cut Oak
Cherry Veneer Cherry
White Ash Veneer White Ash
Walnut Veneer Walnut

Textured composite hardboard veneers

Legacy Walnut Hardboard Veneer Legacy Walnut
Legacy Oak Hardboard Veneer Legacy Oak
Mendocino Oak Hardboard Veneer Mendocino Oak

Available laminates include Wilsonart, Formica, and Nevamar.

Castle Oak Laminate Castle Oak
Fusion Maple Laminate Fusion Maple
Baltimore Cherry Laminate Baltimore Cherry
Grey Nebula Laminate Grey Nebula
Coral Laminate Coral
Designer White Laminate Designer White
Fashion Grey Laminate Fashion Grey
Sand Laminate Sand

A wide selection of plastic laminate colors and designs are available. Please see Wilsonart or Formica for available selections.

Per the requirements of NCRP Reports #49 and #147 and other radiation, health, and safety codes and general “good practices":

  • All lead lined doors, vision lites, x-ray glass, lead lined frames and lead backed drywall must provide a lead shielding equivalent of equal or greater value as specified by the project physicist of record or other "qualified experts" radiation shielding calculations report recommendations and requirements. Customer must verify required lead thickness values and equivalents prior to ordering.
  • Doors must be internally shielded with lead covering full height and width of door
  • Radiation safety and general medical construction guidelines require as a "good practices" rule that the gap between the bottom of an x-ray door and the finished floor should always be kept as small as possible.
  • Lead thresholds and/or lead lined door sweeps are required at the bottom of door openings when a gap of 2.5cm (1 inch) or more exists between the bottom of the door and the floor.
  • Door lockset hardware should be lead lined if lead value requirement is more than 1/16" thick, or if specified.
  • Any lead glass occurring in a shielded door must be x-ray safety glass and permanently labeled for meeting the impact resistance requirements of ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Category 2. (Note: X-ray safety glass is not a "tempered "product, and is readily available from Ray-Bar ).
  • Door must have interlock switch so that x-ray machine cannot be activated when door is open or ajar.
  • An "X-Ray On" red and white lighted sign over door opening on entrance side is recommended to reduce the possibility of personnel opening the door during an x-ray procedure. The light should be tied to the machine so it turns on during x-ray machine activation.
  • Lead backed drywall must properly overlap into door frame a minimum of 1/2" to prevent radiation leakage and additionally meet fire-rating requirements. Any fire-rated lead lined partition must utilize UL classified and labeled lead backed gypsum drywall such as Ray-Bar "RB-LBG".

Most natural veneers are "good in stock". Please note these are general examples as graining, texture and coloring will naturally vary. Staining, coating, sealing, finishing or painting is not included.

Lead lined solid core wood doors are also available with Ray-Bar Lead Lined Vision Frames or Lead Lined Light Proof Louvers.

Lead Lined Vision Frames Lead Lined Vision Frames
Shielded Light Proof Louver Shielded Light Proof Louver

Lead lined wood doors are not fire-rated.

For listing of in-stock lead thicknesses see Ray-Bar Sheet Lead Stock Thickness Chart

For specifications see Ray-Bar Lead Lined Solid Core Wood Door Specifications.

Additional Information for these Ray-Bar products.

White Oak
Fusion Maple
Legacy Walnut

Ray-Bar Abuse Resistant Shielded Doors

Ray-Bar lead lined wood and metal doors are available in all standard lead shielding thicknesses. The abuse resistant laminate faces protect the door in high volume medical settings. This laminate provides a longer service life by reducing replacement and repairs. Kydex and Acrovyn face laminations are available in many colors, patterns and designs. Please contact us to review your specific project and design needs.

Request a quote on the doors your project requires, or contact Ray-Bar for more information.

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For over 80 years, Ray-Bar Engineering has been a leading manufacturer of top-tier radiation shielding solutions for medical, hospital, and industrial NDT facilities worldwide. Our radiation protection shielding products are designed and manufactured with precision to meet the strictest U.S. and international radiation and building safety standards.

Contact us to learn how Ray-Bar's radiation shielding products can provide superior protection in your application. You can also request a quote online for pricing estimates on your project. For radiation shielding solutions that meet the highest industry standards, choose Ray-Bar Engineering.


Solid Color Acrovyn Solid Color Acrovyn
Wood Grain Acrovyn Wood Grain Acrovyn

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