X-Ray / Radiology / Radiographic Imaging Rooms

Imaging Room
Imaging Room

Medical Radiology Imaging primarily utilizes an electrically charged cathode tube to produce ionizing x-ray gamma photons to still-image some soft tissue, organs and skeletal bone structures for diagnosis and prognosis of potential health issues. Typical energy levels can range between 100kvp to 150kvp, generally with a downward beam toward the table, and horizontal chest wall bucky primary target beam area. 

radiation room window for imaging rooms
Radiation Room Window

Radiology Room Requirements and Sizes

Rooms are typically smaller in size from 10'0" x 12'0" and up to 16'0" x 20'0" and require shielded walls, x-ray glass control window minimum 18" x 18" or larger for a clear view of patient and procedures, and shielded door(s). 

radiation room dimmension requiprements and sizes
Require Shielded Walls

Shielding must be calculated by a certified Radiation or Health Physicist, or other "Radiation Expert" (as defined by NCRP or ICRP) and retained by the facility.

Shielding Requirements wall-by-wall calculations are based on these basic factors:

  • Specific Model/Type of Imaging Equipment utilized radiation field
  • Orientation / Location of Equipment relative to each wall segment
  • Primary Beam Target areas, and Secondary Scatter radiation fields
  • Projected Use Exposures-Procedures Per Day / Workloads
  • Surrounding Occupancy Factors / Common Wall
  • Materials used / Existing Materials/ Wall Construction
  • Controlled VS Uncontrolled (monitored by dosimeter, general access)
  • Other unique considerations per application

These reports will provide the lead shielding requirements wall segment by wall segment of the rooms, i.e., the lead thickness recommendations necessary to properly shield for the lead backed drywall required in the imaging room. Ray-Bar offers several products to fit your shielding needs for your x-ray, radiology room including X-Ray Lead Glass and Window frames, U.L. Classified lead backed drywall, and lead lined doors.

Ray Bar also offers specialty application x-ray lead glass such as "mirrored" or "frosted" X-Ray Glass to assist in patient privacy in compliance with current HIPPA laws, or U.L. listed fire-rated x-ray window units, 20,45,60 and up to 90 minutes ratings.

Please contact Ray-Bar directly for additional technical assistance in designing and providing your X-Ray, Radiology and/or Radiographic Imaging Room needs and requirements:

Phone# 1(800) 444-XRAY or e-mail at sales@raybar.com or contact us.

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