Radiation Shielding for Mammography Rooms

Primarily utilizes close proximity low energy x-ray radiography for imaging soft breast glandular tissue for medical diagnosis. Typical low energy levels of 25kvp to 35kvp. Exam rooms are usually smaller from 8'0" x 8'0" to 12'0" x 12'0". Shielding must be calculated by a physicist or radiation expert retained by the facility and typically will either simply involve several layers of regular gypsum wall board, or very thin lead shielding thicknesses depending upon secondary scatter radiation fields, workloads, surrounding uncontrolled occupancy factors and other considerations.

Please contact Ray-Bar directly for additional technical assistance in designing and providing your Mammography Room needs and requirements: Phone# 1(800) 444-XRAY or e-mail at sales@raybar.com or contact us.

"When protection is required, there is no substitute for skill and experience"


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