Setting the Standard in Radiation Protective Shielding for More Than 80 Years

Ray-Bar Engineering is the foremost leader in the design and manufacturing of x-ray protection and radiation shielding materials. For more than 80 years, we’ve been providing the medical healthcare industry with superior x-ray protection products, radiation shielding designs, systems, and materials.

Maintaining perhaps the largest inventory of shielding materials in the U.S. allows Ray-Bar to retain a continuing reputation of prompt deliveries for all our products domestically and globally.

Our extensive range of products complies with U.S. and international codes and specifications for construction, material life, safety, and radiation shielding, setting the bar for the industry’s standards and code compliance. Our products meet all the U.S. specifications, codes and standards including ASTM, ANSI, U.L. and all applicable NCRP reports; we are LEED compliant.

Through the use of rigid practices in research and development, testing, and refining designs for advancement, Ray-Bar ensures the delivery of the best quality materials and products to our clients. We continually measure our success through independent certification, careful building code compliance reviews, and the applications of our materials on thousands of projects.

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Radiation Shielding Products

For the past Year Ray-Bar has been exclusively researching and developing long lasting and effective anti-bacterial / anti-microbial treatments, coatings and additives utilizing unique combinations of chemical-biological mechanisms and nano-technologies to reduce adhesion, disrupt pathogen growth, reproduction and colonization on our product surfaces as a option for all of our various medical construction related materials and products lines as a static / passive way to reduce sources of indirect pathogen transmission and compliment other conventional "active" efforts.

These Ray-Bar product integrated technologies are scientifically proven to measurably inhibit the growth of germs, bacteria and other virulent pathogens, and/or reduce adhesion to resist surface colonization or "bio film" development as documented by qualified independent laboratory testing with protocols to established National or International standards.

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Radiation Shielding Products

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