Lead Lined Hollow Metal Doors

Lead lined Hollow Metal Door

Lead Lined Hollow Metal Door

UL Fire Rated Lead Lined Hollow Metal Door

Sliding Aluminum E.R. X-Ray Door

Sliding Aluminum E.R.
X-Ray Door

Ray-Bar Lead Lined Hollow Metal Doors are made from hot dipped galvanized steel in 18, 16 and 14 gauge steel conforming to ASTM A527, coating Classification ZF001. They are available non-rated, or with fire-ratings up to 90-minute.  They are UL listed for fire resistance and meet UL IOC and UBC 7-2-1997 positive pressure test requirements part I and II.

Ray-Bar can also provide lead lined doors as stainless steel (304 with #4 finish), and bullet resistant (UL752) in Level 1 (medium power small arms), Level 2 (high power small arms), Level 3 (super power small arms), and certified Level 4 (high power rifle).

For specifications, see Ray-Bar Lead Lined Hollow Metal Door Specifications.

For listing of in-stock lead thicknesses available, see Ray-Bar Sheet Lead Thickness Chart or contact us for special designs or questions.

Optional: Hollow Metal Lead Lined Welded Frames
(Only offered if purchased with Ray-Bar Lead Lined Hollow Metal Doors)
Hollow Metal Welded Frames are 16 gauge primered steel with anchors for metal studs,wood studs or concrete "cast in place" or retro-fit bolt-anchor (Hilti) into existing concrete or masonry walls.
Equal rabbet or single step rabbet frame profiles can be formed to fit wall thicknesses from 5" up to 24"
Heavier 14 gauge or 12 gauge hollow metal frames available for higher radiation lead shielding applications.

X-Ray Protection

Shielded Aluminum Sliding ER or ICU Doors

Lead Lined Shielded Sliding Aluminum Doors are available single, pair, bi-parting or inline telescopic double or triple unit panel doors, with optional fixed sidelites.
Doors are Clear Anodized Aluminum satin finish components available in 7 levels of lead protective shielding thickness values to meet your project requirements. 
Doors are available with Impact Resistant X-Ray Safety Glass Upper and Lower panels meeting  ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 1201 16CFR Cat 2 Impact Resistant requirements or lead Lined Clear Anodized Aluminum Solid Panel Insets.
*These doors require power operation and safety devices.