Ray-Bar Bullet Resistant Laminated Glass UL752 Level 8 Bullet Resistance

Ray-Bar offers ballistic glass with UL752 Level 8 rifle bullet resistant glazing. This rifle resistant glazing provides effective protection for a variety of safety and security applications. (UL752 Level 8 bullet resistance is equal to NIJ 0108.01 Level III requirements.)

This bullet resistant laminated glass can withstand a .308 Winchester round, with no spall. The bullet resistant glazing provides 77% visible light transmittance.

Our 2-3/8” thick bullet resistant laminated glass is comprised of multi-ply laminated glass with polyurethane (PU) interlayers and abrasion resistant polycarbonate handgun resistant glazing on both side. We provide glass with bullet resistant glazing in custom sizes up to 60” x 96”.

Features of Ray-Bar Bullet Resistant Laminated Glass

Bullet Resistant Glazing Certifications

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In addition to our Level 8 bullet resistant laminated glass, we also offer a full line of ballistic products and bullet resistant glass for all safety and security installations. Request a quote on glass with bullet resistant glazing, or contact Ray-Bar for more information.