Lead Free Shielding

Ray-Bar Engineering offers a full line of superior quality lead free radiation protection products, including:

Lead Free Walls

Gamma Putty Clay for lead free shielding of penetrations in protective barriers.

Ray-Bar Shielded HVAC Diffusers for the shielding of duct penetrations.

Lead Free Glass/Windows

Special composition Ultra-Clear Lead Free X-Ray Glass and shielded telescopic window frame assemblies are available in 4 levels of shielding equivalencies ranging from 0.5mm to 1.5mm at 150kVp output.

Ray-Bar X-Ray Heavy Glass Windows for low to medium x-ray shielding applications. This glass is available heat strengthened or tempered.

Lead Free Doors

Ray-Bar Lead Free Shielded Doors for low to medium radiation shielding levels are available as swinging or sliding in hollow metal construction and up to 90 minute UL fire rated.

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