X-Ray Shielding Information and Guidelines

Ray-Bar's 10 Principles of Radiation Shielding

  1. Always acquire a shielding report by a qualified and recognized radiation health physicist prior to any x-ray shielding or construction.

  2. Only acquire proper shielding materials from an established and knowledgeable x-ray shielding manufacturer of a good reputation such as Ray-Bar Engineering.

  3. Only utilize experienced, licensed and properly insured professional contractors for installing shielding materials.

  4. Always ensure all radiation shielding materials and products are installed on the radiation side of the walls, partitions or barriers.

  5. Always verify that the proper shielding material is installed on the correct wall, partition or barrier segment as specified by the shielding report.

  6. Always ensure that all penetrations that occur within a shielded wall, partition, or barrier are properly shielded and overlapped with the same or greater thickness as specified for the partition that the penetration occurs.

  7. Always confirm that all x-ray glass, control windows, shielded doors and lined frames that occur in a shielded partition provide the same or greater thickness specified for the partition they occur in.

  8. Always ensure that your contractor properly handles and carefully installs all shielding materials and products per the manufacturer instructions, applicable construction building codes and safety regulations.

  9. Always wear proper personal protective gear and completely clean and recycle all material remnants per all applicable safety and environmental regulations. Never dispose of these products in general refuse or throw away in trash.

  10. Always have each completed project fully tested and surveyed by the original radiation health physicist of record after installation and prior to any occupancy and use.
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