Dental X-Ray Rooms

Primarily utilizes close proximity low energy x-ray for imaging of teeth and bone. Regular dental x-ray (intraoral) uses an x-ray "cone" pressed directly against the cheeks with the film placed in the mouth to produce a simple x-ray image. Panoramic X-Ray or Cone Beam C.T. provides a greater field of view as a 2 dimensional x-ray of the entire mouth. Exam room sizes are typically small from 8'0" x 8'0" up to 12'0" x 12'0". Shielding should be calculated by customer/end users radiation expert although standard dental x-ray typically utilizes only a few layers of gypsum wall board and normally does not require any lead shielding due to its low energy. However, panoramic or CBCT may require some very thin lead thicknesses depending upon overall energy levels, secondary scatter radiation fields, workloads, surrounding uncontrolled occupancy factors and other considerations. Sometimes thin lead shielding is installed as a precaution assuming worst-case scenario to keep any chance of radiation exposure to an absolute minimum, this requirement would be in accordance with the intent of ALARA (keeping doses “As Low As Reasonably Achievable”).

Please contact Ray-Bar directly for additional technical assistance in designing and providing your Dental X-Ray Room needs and requirements: Phone# 1(800) 444-XRAY or e-mail at or contact us.

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