Lead Lined Sheetrock

Lead lined walls

  • Available in 1/2" and 5/8” drywall 
  • Includes vertical batten strips and lead discs for screw penetrations  
  • Typically one day fabrication
  • 12 standard lead thicknesses
  • Lead from 7'0" to 12'0" high
  • Optional Mold Resistant, Abuse Resistant, High Impact and other specialized board types

Lead Lined Gypsum

Ray-Bar’s lead backed drywall, also known as lead lined sheetrock or lead lined gypsum wall board, is furnished as 1/2" and 5/8" fire code gypsum board meeting Classification ASTM C 1396, with pure lead sheet meeting Federal Specification QQ-L-201 F, Grade C and ASTM B749-03, Type L51121 factory laminated under pressure to the back side of the gypsum panel. It is custom manufactured to customer specifications and is typically available in one day.

Shielding accessories for lead backed drywall or lead lined sheetrock installation include a 2" wide lead batten strip for vertical joints and corners and lead discs for screw penetrations.

Sheet lead backing must be equal or greater value as the lead in the wall partition where penetration occurs.

For listing of in-stock lead thicknesses available for lead lined walls and lead backed drywall / lead lined sheetrock, see the Ray-Bar Sheet Lead Thickness Chart.  For specifications, see Ray-Bar Lead Backed Drywall Specification.  Shielding requirements should be determined by a qualified health radiation physicist. See Shielding Information for more information.

The current NCRP Report #147(2004)1.5 General Concepts, states:

"Radiation shielding shall be designed by a qualified expert to ensure the required degree of protection is achieved.”

"The qualified expert should be consulted during the early planning stages since the shielding requirements may affect the choice of location of radiation facilities and type of building construction. The qualified expert should be provided with all pertinent information regarding the proposed radiation equipment and its use, type of building construction, and occupancy of nearby areas. It may be necessary to submit the final shielding drawings and specifications to pertinent regulatory agencies for review prior to construction.”

"The term "qualified expert" used in this report is defined as a medical physicist or medical health physicist who is competent to design radiation shielding for medical x-ray imaging facilities. The qualified expert is a person who is certified by the American Board of Radiology, American Board of Health Physics, or the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine".

*Please Note the above uses of the word "shall" is a requirement, and use of the word "should" is a recommendation.

*NCRP is the "National Council of Radiation Protection". *NCRP report #147 supersedes the previous NCRP report #49.

Click here for the Lead Thickness Chart

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