Shielded Wall Systems Accessories

Accessories For Shielded Walls

  • Disks/plugs/caps/tabs for screw fastener penetrations
  • Batten strips for vertical joints
  • 90° angle strips for inside or outside vertical corners
  • Sheet lead backing material for any wall penetrations
  • Shielded access panels for maintenance access openings
  • Shielded floor thresholds for under doors
  • Ray-Bar "retro-fit" shielded wall products
  • Shielded screw cap covers for new screw penetrations into existing shielded walls
  • Shielded wall penetration patch kits for inside wall cavity or outside wall surface, please specify lead value
  • Adhesive backed lead foil strips 2" wide X 0.0068" thick for low x-ray energy applications
  • Flexible shielding materials and seals for shielding expansion joints
  • Shielded electrical box cover plates for duplex "single gang" receptacles or quadraplex "double gang" J-box
  • Lead Installers Basic Handling Kits basic protective gear for installers only, not for abatement

Ray-Bar Lead Lined Access Panels


Ceiling Access Panel

Ray-Bar Shielded Access Panels are for maintenance access in shielded walls, partitions and ceilings. These units are internally lead lined for radiation protection in medical centers and hospital imaging room installations. They can also be used in remodels to safely access and service utilities. Access Door and Frameare fabricated from 16 gage galvannealed steel with a "ready to paint" prime coat.

Lead lining available in 1/64" (1#), 1/32" (2#), 1/16" (4#), 3/32"(6#) and 1/8"(8#) standard thicknesses to meet the shielding requirement in the wall, partition or ceiling that the access is required.

Higher lead protection thicknesses are available upon request.

Click Here for Shielded Access Panel Doors RFQ Form

Frame is one piece construction with 1" wide perimeter flange that provides proper shielding overlap of the rough opening. Wall frame is provided with 1/4" mounting holes for fastening within the furred spaces which provides easy installation.

Heavy duty Concealed Pivoting Rod Hingeis standard on small access doors.
A heavy duty continuous piano hinge is provided on doors 24" or larger.
Standard Latchis screwdriver operated. Optional secure key locking device.

Standard shielded access panel sizes are: 6" x 6", 8" x 8", 10" x 10" ,12" x 12", 14" x 14", 16" x 16", 18" x 18", 20" x 20" and 24" x 24". *Custom sizes available.

Rough Openings are 1/2" larger than access door order size.
I.E. 12" x 12" requires 12-1/2" x 12-1/2" rough opening hole in wall.

Ray-Bar Shielded Electrical Boxes

Product Descriptions for your Selection:

Electrical boxes for New Installations

Shielded Hanger Spreader Bar (No Box)

Shielded Spreader Bar for Electrical Boxes

For New Installation applications set between 2 vertical studs within the stud wall bay
Attaches horizontally and fastens at both ends to the studs.
Spreader hanger bar adjusting from 16" to 24" centers.
Spreader Hanger Bar is backed with customers specified lead thickness.
Lead surface is coated to reduce any potential lead contact exposure.
*Please specify your box outside dimensions size so lead backing may be
properly oversized around perimeter to capture linear radiation x-rays.
Easily Installs in minutes.
The 2 things we need to know to Accurately Quote your project:
  1. Quantity and Size needed of each electrical box: (Single Gang or 4-S, etc...)
  2. Lead Shielding Thickness Requirement:_______

Electrical boxes for Retro-Fit Installation into Existing Shielded Walls

Fixed Shielded Box Cover Shroud (Cover Shroud is Surface Mounted)

Retro-fit Shielded Lead Backed Electrical Boxes

*For Retro-Fit Installation into Existing Lead Lined Drywall walls with new cut-out.
*Fixed Shielded Box Cover Shroud is Stainless Steel with brushed #4 grained finish
and Internally Lead Lined with customers specified lead thickness.
*Shielded Cover Shrouds are surfaced mounted to cover existing receptacle outlets or switches.
*Our 6" x 6" Covers easily fit over Single gang 2" x 4" or "4-S" Double gang electrical 4" x 4" boxes
*Covers are oversized to shadow electrical cut-out from linear radiation x-rays and
are 3" deep with open bottom access to reach switches or allow cords to connect to outlets.
*Lead surface is coated to reduce any potential lead contact exposure.
*Easily Surface Mount Installs in minutes.

Click Here for Shielded Electrical Boxes RFQ Form

The 4 things we need to know to Accurately Quote your project:
  1. Quantity and Size needed of each electrical box: (Single Gang or 4-S, etc...)
  2. Lead Shielding Thickness Requirement:_______
  3. New Installation Or RetroFit Application:_______
  4. Product Selection:_________________________
Important Notes and Information:
*Our Single gang 2" x 4" or a "4-S" Double gang electrical 4" x 4" box knock-outs will accept 1/2" and 3/4" conduit
*These products are all available in 13 standard lead thicknesses.
*Lead surface is coated to reduce any potential lead contact exposure.
*Protective gloves should be worn during installation as extra precaution.
We always recommend that the customer first confirms the actual lead thickness shielding requirements in all the walls, and then actually order the maximum thickness shielded wall lead for all the boxes to eliminate the possibility of a lesser lead shielded box to be installed in a higher shielded wall in the field and potentially creating a radiation leak.
Our quotes include all crating,boxing and freight to ship to your location.
Fabrication time is typically only 2 to 3 business days after placement of order.

Ray-Bar Shielded Screw Cap Covers

Shielded Screw Cap Covers

Screw Cap Covers

Ray-Bar's exclusive Shielded Screw Cap Covers are utilized for safely shielding and encapsulating new screw penetrations into existing lead shielded walls or partitions or when adding cabinets or other surface mounted accessories into completed lead shielded walls. They provide an easy to install retro-fit option to meet the lead shielding requirements while also safely encapsulating the screw head in an aesthetically pleasing hinged and locking PVB cap. Caps are available in our standard white color with either 1/32"(2#) or 1/16"(4#) lead lining and fit standard #6, #8, #10 and #12 Steel Screw Fasteners or Metric Sizes M3, M4 and M5 .These shielded screw covers are ideal for round head, pan head, truss head, rivets and other standard "flat bottomed" fastener heads. (Other screw cap colors such as brown, black, grey or beige are available upon customers request).


*These products usually ship out from us in only 3 or 4 business working days after payment is received + transit time to your location.

For a quote on this product please provide this Information:
Quantity of Caps:_________
Size Screw or Bolt:________
Lead Shielding Thickness:___(in the partition the screw penetrations occur in)
Screw Cap Color:_________
Your Contact Information:

Ray-Bar Shielded Corner Guards

Lead Lined Corner Guards

Ray-Bar's Shielded Corner Guards are available in 4 standard styles with 1/32" or 1/16" lead lining. This retrofit vertical surface application is easy to install to finished outside wall corners. They provide permanent radiation shielding with an attractive finish that is easy to clean, yet very durable.

Ray-Bar Modular Shielded Plywood Panels

  • Easy to install or disassemble for retrofit applications
  • Fast 3 to 5 day fabrication
  • 15 standard Lead thicknesses
  • Sizes from 7'0" to 8'0" high
  • Includes vertical batten strips and screw cap covers
  • Many Laminate colors and styles to select from

Ray-Bar Modular Radiation Shielding Panels are custom fabricated to your specifications available in standard 4'0" x 7'0" (48" wide x 84" high) and/or 4'0" x 8'0" (48" wide x 96" high). There are 11 different stock commercial thicknesses of pure lead sheet meeting Federal Specification QQ-L-201 F, Grade C and ASTM B749-03, Type L51121 and as specified by your project radiation physicist or expert as defined by NCRP or ICRP, and based on your specific shielding needs.

These proprietary panels are available in all current plastic laminate colors and pattern design faces such as Wilsonart, Nevamar or Formica. Also available in abuse resistant and easy to clean surfaces such as Kydex or Acrovyn for longer life and durability. There are a variety of standard Kydex or Acrovyn colors, patterns and designs to choose from. These panels are constructed as components that smoothly integrate together in an assembly or portable radiation protective shielding system.

Ray-Bar Modular Shielding Panels are designed to be rapidly assembled and erected as portable shielding or temporary barriers. They can be transported to different locations in the medical or industrial facility or left in place as a permanent application in your facility. The system has all components necessary for shielding continuity and easy assembly with basic construction knowledge, skills and tools to install over your new or existing room walls. Includes 2” wide batten strips and screw cap covers. Screw cap covers available only in four (4) standard colors: white, black, tan and silver.

Ray-Bar Shielded HVAC Diffusers

Lead Free Shielded HVAC Diffuser

Ray-Bar Shielded HVAC Diffusers are available exclusively from Ray-Bar in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your air volume (CFM) and shielding requirements.
Ray-Bar Shielded Diffusers do not contain any internal lead lining.
Ray-Bar radiation shielding methods,materials and designs are proprietary and unique on these HVAC units.
When properly installed this eliminates the need for additional lead shielding/backing behind the ducts as the diffuser provides the necessary shielding equivalency and is overlapped as self-sealing into a lead backed drywall ceiling.
This is a particular advantage for ease of adding duct penetrations as retro-fit into an existing lead shielded wall or ceiling.
They are also available to meet low noise requirements and high security designs.
For an accurate quote on this product please provide this important 7 items of informtion:
*Shielding Level Requirement per your shielding report
*Diffuser duct size
*Square or Round Duct (adapter)
*CFM requirement
*Supply or Return
*Powder Coat Color (Or Stainless Steel)
Additional helpful information:
Negative Pressure
Positive Pressure
Maximum Noice Criterion Level
Any Sound db Limit Requirements 

X-Ray Safety and Radiation Warning Signs

For assisting in medical and industrial x-ray warning safety requirements and identifying restricted access areas. Custom signs available upon request.

Retrofit Shielding Solutions

Ray-Bar provides lead lined covers and products for electrical and plumbing penetration retrofit shielding applications.

All calculations for shielding requirements should be determined by a qualified health radiation physicist currently recognized by the state in which the project occurs. Please see Diagnostic Radiation Shielding Considerations for more information.


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