MRI Rooms (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or Radio Frequency Rooms

CT Scanner Room

Imaging Room

Primarily utilizes non-ionizing electro-magnetism and radio-frequency to image soft tissue for medical diagnosis. This typically requires special copper and/ or steel shielding, filters and internally screened window assemblies. This shielding is primarily to protect delicate electronics, computers and equipment from magnetic and/or radio-frequency damage and is performed by specialized companies involved exclusively in this spectrum and type of non-ionizing fields.
MRI rooms do not utilize or require any x-ray or radiation shielding as they do not produce any ionizing x-ray or gamma radiation. However, dual modality MRI/CT rooms do required radiation and magnetism shielding.

Ray-Bar does not supply any materials for MRI or Radio Frequency rooms.

"When protection is required, there is no substitute for skill and experience"


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