Fire Rated Window Frames for Walls

Fire rated Hollow Metal window frames from Ray-Bar are approved for use with any  Fire Rated Glass Products we offer. Available fire ratings include 45, 60, 90, and 120 minutes, with tested size restriction limits. View our  rating size charts for additional information. All our fire rated glass options meet required HoseStream test requirements. We offer the following UL labeled Fire Rated Glass product options:

  • FireLite 3/16”
  • FireLite-NT 3/16” (Filmed) Impact Resistant Safety Glazing
  • FireLite+Plus 5/16” (Laminated) Impact Resistant Safety Glazing
  • WireLite-NT (Filmed) in Diamond Pattern, Impact Resistant Safety Glazing
  • Pyrostop Pilkington (Multi-Laminated) Impact Resistant Safety Glazing
  • Fire Rated Insulated Glass Unit Assemblies

Provide us with your project specs, rating requirements, and wall thicknesses, and we will provide a Fire Rated Window Frame and glass assembly that is designed to meet your project’s exact specifications and requiremnets.

Find out more about our Fire-Rated Window Frames by visiting our Fireproof Glass site at:


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