X-Ray Glass

  • Over 40 standard sizes up to 48" x 96"
  • 1 to 3-day standard fabrication
  • Many protective shielding levels available
  • Optional Impact Resistant, Frosted or laminated
  • Available with lead-lined frames for walls
X-Ray Lead Glass
X-Ray Glass
Lead Lined Control Window
Lead Lined Control Window
Lead Line Vision Frame Window
Lead Lined Control Window

Ray-Bar X-Ray Protective Lead Glass for Radiation Shielding

Ray-Bar Engineering Corporation is a major provider/manufacturer of x-ray glass and radiation protective lead glass shielding products worldwide, and has been for over 80 years. Specialty Ray-Bar x ray glass and radiation protective lead glass is utilized when a clear view and radiation shielding is of absolute priority in diagnostic, therapy, isotopic, or nuclear radiation sources. X-ray glass is used for radiation shielding in medical treatment, imaging, testing, inspection, experimentation or energy production.

Lead Glass
Laminated X-Ray Glass

Uses of X-Ray Glass in Medical Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging Shielding

Ray-Bar's standard x-ray protective lead glass is typically utilized in medical diagnostic imaging control windows for applications of 150kvp x-ray gamma radiation energies or less such as in radiology, fluoroscopy, angiography, cardiac catheterization labs, computerized tomography (CT scan), chiropractic x-ray and mammography rooms. X ray lead glass is not for use in MRI applications

Curved X-Ray Glass
Curved X-Ray Glass

Uses of X Ray Glass in High Energy Radiation Therapy Oncology Shielding

Ray-Bar also offers higher shielding equivalency x-ray protective lead glass for utilization in high energy gamma radiation shielding applications of 511kvp such as imaging control windows for Positron Emission Tomography Rooms (PET Scanners) or in Medical Radiation Therapy/Oncology Cancer Treatment facility rooms such as Gamma Knife, Simulator rooms, Brachytherapy, Dose Calibration, Hot Labs, or High Dose Radiation (HDR Rooms).

Privacy X-Ray Glass
X-Ray Privacy Glass

Uses of X-Ray Glass in Industrial X-Ray NDT Shielding

Ray-Bar also offers specialized lead windows for industrial applications in non-destructive testing (NDT Rooms) or for certain nuclear or high energy isotopic shielding of hot cells or glove boxes. All radiation shielding requirements for x-ray lead glass control windows in any medical or industrial application or use must always be determined by the customer’s or end user’s qualified health radiation physicist, radiation expert or radiation safety professional as currently defined by NCRP, ICRP or CRPA.

X-Ray Frosted Glass
X-Ray Frosted Glass

X Ray Glass Radiation Code Compliance

Ray-Bar’s 5/16" x-ray protective lead glass meets Federal Specification DD-G-451 and ASTM C1036 requirements and all applicable current NCRP and ICRP lead glass criteria and standards in physical quality descriptions.

Ray-Bar X-Ray Glass also meets or exceeds National Council of Radiation Protection (NCRP) Report No. 49 and No.147, and also ICRP lead glass criteria and standards in physical quality descriptions and required densities.

Mirrored X-Ray Glass
Mirrored X-Ray Glass

X-Ray Glass Meets National and International Standards

Ray-Bar X-Ray Lead Glass also meets or exceeds over 16 various national and international radiation glazing safety codes and standards of U.S.A., Canada, Britain, France, Japan, Germany, Austria and Russia.

*Specific codes and standards are available upon customer’s request.

Encased X-Ray Glass
Encased X-Ray Glass (Abuse Resistant)

Extensive X-Ray Gamma Testing

Ray-Bar's X-Ray Glass has passed extensive radiation testing. It has demonstrated consistent radiation attenuation properties from a variety of isotopic and cathode tube x-ray or gamma sources ranging in output energy emission exposures of 80keV, 110, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, and now also 511keV for PET F-18 sources.

Security X-Ray Glass
X-Ray High-Security Glass (High Impact Resistant)

High Energy Radiation and Isotopic Testing

Ray-Bar X-Ray Lead Glass has also passed cathode tube x-ray gamma radiation emission testing at the higher energies of 550, 600, 650, 750 and 1,000 keV and also with the following radioactive Isotopes: C-11, N-13, O-15, F-18, NA-22, CO-58, CO-60, GA-68, FE-59, RB-82, MO-99, TC-99M, I-131, CS-137 AND IR-192. This establishes known and reliable radiation attenuation coefficients for lead shielding equivalencies.

X-Ray Glass Green/LEED Compliance Documentation

Ray-Bar is also a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council and the Canada Green Building Council and can assist in documenting and submitting Ray-Bar's various lead glass radiation shielding products for your hospital or medical center's LEED materials and resources (MR credits) to apply for achieving LEED certification for the project.

General Information and Options for X Ray Glass

Ray-Bar X-Ray Glass is:

  • Available in 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm and 3.7mm lead shielding equivalences. Higher ratings are available upon request.
  • The highest density x-ray lead glass available for the most efficient medical radiation shielding quality, and yet also allowing approx. 88% Spectral Light Transmission
  • Uniformly dense and is a composition of high quality materials providing a dependable shielding value.
  • Utilized for medical x-ray, gamma, alpha and beta photon shielding only.
  • Not for thermal neutron or fast neutron shielding. X-ray lead glass will NOT shield against Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), electro-magnetism or radio-frequency, ultrasound, laser or any non-ionizing types of radiation.

X Ray Glass Technical Data and Performance

Thickness : 
Lead Content :    
Lead Equiv.(mm) nominal :
Lead Equiv.(in) nominal :
Lbs. lead equiv./ft' (Range) :
Weight - Lbs. / ft2 (Approx.) :
Thickness Tolerance (in) :
Light Transmission :
Standard Edgework :
Higher Lead Shielding :

5/16" +(7.0mm to 8.5mm)
55% to 65% Pb
1.8mm to 2.4mm
.0625" to .094"
4.0 to 6.0
*86% to 88%
Seamed always
Available upon request

*Visible light transmission or glass transparency results may vary depending upon lead window thickness, glass composition, light frequency, light spectrum, and light sources such as natural sunlight, UV, incandescent, florescent, halogen, sodium, mercury, metal halide or LED and light transmission measurement methods and controls.

X Ray Glass Stock Sizes

(Typically available in one business day)

8" x 8" 24" x 24" 40" x 40"
8" x 10" 24" x 30" 40" x 48"
10" x 10" 24" x 36" 40" x 60"
10" x 12" 24" x 48" 40" x 72"
12" x 12" 24" x 60" 40" x 84"
12" x 16" 24" x 72" 40" x 96"
12" x 24" 30" x 30" 42" x 42"
12" x 36" 30" x 36" 42" x 48"
12" x 48" 30" x 48" 42" x 60"
16" x 16" 30" x 60" 42" x 72"
16" x 24" 30" x 72" 42" x 84"
16" x 36" 36" x 36" 42" x 96"
16" x 48" 36" x 42" 48" x 48"
18" x 18" 36" x 48" 48" x 60"
18" x 24" 36" x 60" 48" x 72"
18" x 30" 36" x 72" 48" x 84"
18" x 36" 36" x 84" 48" x 96"
18" x 48" 36" x 96"  
  • Circles or discs are also available
  • X-Ray lead glass is not tempered or fire rated
  • Maximum size available in a single pane is 48" x 96"

Ray-Bar x-ray protective lead glass meets Federal Specification DD-G-451 and ASTM C1036 requirements and all applicable NCRP and ICRP lead glass physical quality descriptions. X-ray lead glass is also available in lead equivalencies of 2.4mm, 3.2mm and 3.7mm. Ray-Bar also provides x ray lead glass blocks up to 4" thick for high energy isotope or gamma radiation shielding. Edge work available as standard clean-cut and seamed, also available as beveled, ground or polished upon request. Please contact us for special requirements and special designs.

Ray-Bar X-Ray Glass Compared to Regular Plate Glass for Radiation Shielding

Ray-Bar’s x-ray lead glass is specifically formulated to efficiently attenuate and shield x-ray gamma radiation. We utilize a unique combination of a heavy density blend and proprietary high content composition of heavy oxides and minerals. This provides maximum radiation shielding performance while minimizing glass thickness. The glass maintains excellent clarity and a non-browning optimal level of light transmission. Our lead glass provides code compliant radiation life and safety protection for the medical technician while also allowing a clear view of the patient during critical medical diagnostic imaging procedures.

Heavy Lead Glass

Ray-Bar X-Ray Glass Compared to Lead Acrylic for Radiation Shielding

When compared to other acrylic-based glazing options or thick plate glass types, just 5/16" thick standard Ray-Bar lead windows provide better than 1.6mm lead equivalency. This outperforms up to 4" of dark green heavy plate glass or up to 2" of dark honey color lead acrylic, both of which would filter visible light down to very low transmissions.

X-Ray Glass vs. Lead Acrylic

Ray-Bar x-ray glass compared to lead acrylic for radiation shielding

Ray-Bar’s 5/16" x-ray protective lead glass meets Federal Specification DD-G-451.

Ray-Bar X-Ray Protective Lead Glass meets National Council of Radiation Protection (NCRP) Report No. 49 and No.147 criteria and standards.

Thickness: 5/16" +(7.0mm to 8.5mm)
Lead Content:    55% to 65% Pb
Lead Equiv.(mm) nominal: 1.8mm to 2.4mm
Lead Equiv.(in) nominal: .0625" to .094"
Lbs. lead equiv./ft' (Range): 4.0 to 6.0 Lead Equiv
Weight - Lbs. / ft2 (Approx.): 8.0+ with +/- 0.5mm
Cutting Size Tolerance (in): +/-1/8" (0.125")
Standard Edgework: Seamed
*Higher Lead Shielding Levels Available Upon Request

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