Bullet Resistant Glass

Ray-Bar now offers bullet resistant laminated glass products meeting UL 752 standards for bullet resistance and no spall. Available in level 3 (1.25" thick) or level 8 (1.90" thick).

Ray-Bar has had all of our bullet resistant materials independently tested to UL 752 and NIJ standards.

If bullet resistant polycarbonate is preferred or specified, it is available with an abuse resistant surface only in UL bullet resistant level 3 no spall (1.25" thick) and is more costly than the glass alternative.

Bullet resistant telescopic window frames for walls and bullet resistant vision frames for doors are also available meeting UL 752 level 3 and level 8.

Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate

IGU's comprised of bullet resistant glass and lead glass can be provided if your application requires both radiation shielding and bullet resistance (thickness depends on lead shielding requirements and UL bullet resistance level).

Additionally, if your project requires bullet resistance and fire rating, we offer a laminated glass product with a 2 hour fire rating and UL 752 level 3 bullet resistance (2.44" thick).

Ray-Bar also offers many additional options such as: Low Iron Ultra Clear Glass, Polycarbonate (interior only), 1-Way Mirrored Glass, Switchable Privacy Glass, Frosted Glass, Directional, Bi-Directional, Fire Rating, Powder Coated Window Frames, Stainless Steel Frames, EN 1063 Levels BR4, BR5, and BR6

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Bullet Resistant Glass

2 Hour Fire Rated
Bullet Resistant Glass

Low Iron vs. Annealed Glass Comparison
Bullet Resistant Glass