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Ray-Bar’s reputation of prompt national and global deliveries is attributed to it having possibly the largest inventory of shielding materials in the U.S.

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Radiation Room Types

Huntington Radiation Room

Linear Accelerator

PETT Scanner Room

PET / CT Scan Room

Imaging Room

Imaging Room

Common Types of X-Ray or Radiation Rooms

X-Ray / Radiology / Radiographic Imaging Rooms

Fluoroscopy Rooms

C.T. Scanner Rooms / Computerized Tomography

PET Scanner Rooms / Positron Emission Tomography

Emergency Rooms (E.R.), Special Procedures and Operationg Rooms (O.R.)

Chiropractic X-Ray Rooms

Dental X-Ray Rooms

Mammography Rooms

Angiography Rooms / Cardiac Catheterization Labs

MRI Rooms (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or Radio Frequency Rooms

Ultrasound Rooms / Ultrasonography

Gamma Knife Rooms

Linear Accelerator Rooms / Radiation Therapy

Proton Beam Rooms

NDT Rooms / Non-Destructive Testing

Other unique medical imaging or treatment related rooms requiring radiation shielding are:
Simulator Rooms, HDR, Brachytherapy, Radiotherapy, Orthovoltage, etc.

Please contact Ray-Bar directly for additional technical assistance in designing and providing your unique radiation room shielding needs: Phone# 1(800)444-XRAY or e-mail at or contact us.

"When protection is required, there is no substitute for skill and experience"