Radiation Shielding Materials

Ray-Bar Engineering Corporation is a foremost innovator in the design and manufacture of X-ray protection materials and radiation shielding products for over 70 years.
Ray-Bar manufactures a complete line of X-Ray Shielding Products readily available with very short fabrication times for hospital, medical and industrial applications throughout the U.S. and Canada including:
Lead Backed Drywall: UL listed, labeled and classified in over 25 partition designs for 1 Hour and 2 Hour fire-resistant lead-backed gypsum drywall wallboard assemblies (RB-LBG), and also offers fire resistant treated Lead Backed Plywood or Prefinished Shielding Panels. 
Lead Lined Doors: Shielded Solid Core Wood Doors (non-rated) or Hollow Metal Lead-Lined Steel Doors with ratings up to 3 hour.
Windows: Ray-Bar Shielded Lead Lined Telescopic Steel Control View Window Frames with X-ray protective lead glass, Lead Lined Vision Frames with Impact Resistant Labeled X-Ray Safety Glass for Door applications (available with fire ratings up to 90 minute.)
Glass:X-Ray Protective Lead Glass and X-Ray Safety Glass (labeled for impact resistance)
*Ray-Bar provides all required submittal details, technical data, written installation instructions and procedures, x-ray shielding techniques, code compliance, UL listed fire rating designs, attachment options, proper material handling and methods for all of our product lines including expert technical support and consultation for the duration of your project when utilizing genuine Ray-Bar products.

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Whether your industry is Medical, Defense or any other—we’ve got the technical know-how, experience, and one of the largest inventories of radiation shielding and protection materials in the world at our disposal. Contact us for immediate assistance to your specific radiation shielding or radiation material need.

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